Ministry Topics

Dr. Emily Edwards teaches a wide range of biblical issues relevant to singles, married couples, and families today. Whether it is through one-on-one counseling or a speaking engagement, here are some of the topics Emily is frequently asked to address. Her speaking and counseling engagements are not, however, limited to those topics listed below.

Godship: Godship is seeking to be god in one’s own life or in the life of another person. Godship is the basic problem in the lives of people. Everyone wants to be god but won’t admit it. We all have underlying sinful patterns that need to be uncovered and broken by God’s power and love.
Rejection: Rejection is inevitable. When you react to being rejected, it causes many negative consequences in your life. You can respond in love to the people who are rejecting you by choosing to believe the truth of what God says about you.
Judging Others: Judging others is easy to do. When you choose to judge again and again you develop a lifestyle of judgment. You are set free when you accept others in the same way that Jesus accepts you.

External/Internal: Christians need to be delivered from the deception that life is found externally in things or people or in Christian service. This shows the value distinction between the external life (that which is visible and temporal) and the internal life (that which is invisible and eternal).
Problems: God allows problems or trials in our lives to bring us to the end of our self-life. This shows how we can and should view trials, and allow them to become one of the most valuable means of coming to God.
My Flesh – God’s Enemy: When a believer chooses his/her own way over God’s way that person is walking after the flesh and it will produce death. Satan lived the self-life and he was God’s enemy.
What’s New About You: Our old life is gone and now Christ is our life. Meaning and purpose in life flow from identity. By faith in Jesus Christ, God has transferred us into Christ’s very life. Our purpose is to demonstrate the very life of God by having an intimate, obedient, dependent, love relationship with Him.
Accepting Your Righteousness: We need to stop living for acceptance from others and begin living from the acceptance we have in Christ. He accepts us as righteous. As we walk in our new identity our mind is being renewed and we will believe that what God says about us is true and then make right choices. 
Extending Forgiveness: We must forgive anyone who has hurt us and against whom we hold anything. Freedom from anger and pain can come by extending forgiveness.
Seeking Forgiveness: If anyone has anything against us, we must go and seek forgiveness. It is a vital part of the Christian life.
Rest, Abide, & Walk: Jesus wants us to come to Him to find rest when we feel stressed-out. We need to have a God-centered view of life and not a self-centered view. We should not allow anything or anyone to steal our rest. We must admit when we are not resting and ask Him to fill us with His rest now.