Testimony Summer 2008

Due to some family issues, I was brokenhearted, crying every day, completely overwhelmed by what was happening to my family. I was in deep despair, crying out to the Lord. I knew that I needed to forgive the person who was causing me so much pain. I told the Lord I wanted to forgive, and asked Him to help me walk in that forgiveness every day.

My mind was consumed with thoughts of the situation, and every time I thought about it, I felt the overwhelming pain again. I reminded myself that I had forgiven this person, but the heartache was still very real.

Emily called me one evening just to chat, and I brought up the subject. I told her I had been thinking about calling her professionally. I briefly told her what I was experiencing, and she asked me if I had truly forgiven this person. I was sure that I had even though I wasn’t experiencing any change. I knew that forgiveness was an act of the will, but it took the emotions awhile to follow sometimes. She challenged the fact and asked if I really wanted to experience freedom. I said indeed I did, and she promptly came over to my house. She walked me through an exercise, and I made a list that pinpointed the wrongs I felt were done against me, the emotions I felt as a result, the areas of my life that were affected, and the way I had sinned.

Emily led me in prayer, and I confessed all of these things to the Lord. Then she had me mark out everything on my list with a red marker. She told me it was all covered by the blood of Jesus, and then I tore up the list. Immediately, I experienced freedom. There wasn’t an onslaught of emotions, just incredible freedom from the burden I was carrying. Since then, I no longer feel consumed by the situation. I thought I was trusting God in all of this, but now I know He wrought a miracle in my heart that night. The situation has not changed, but I don’t cry anymore, and I am not completely overwhelmed. I know that God is at work, and I trust Him to accomplish all He has planned in all our hearts.

Thank you, Emily, for being so willing to be used by God.